Georgette Esber Duarte.

Product designer,
podcaster, novelist.

Born in Venezuela, based in Australia.
Hola! I’m Georgette, a multi-disciplinary product designer, podcast host, and aspiring novelist with over 10 years of experience in the creative industry – from Australian agencies to Silicon Valley startups.

As a product designer, I love solving problems and bringing ideas to life that are simple, intuitive, and delightful. 

Day-to-day, I play an active role in fostering a healthy design culture within teams by leading brainstorming activities, participating in critique, pitching concept designs, building prototypes, and delivering pixel-perfect solutions to engineers. 

As a Creator, I’m always looking for new challenges. Most recently, I hosted a podcast series – "épale! It's been a long time", where I interviewed 15 Spanish-speaking artists, designers, and psychologists on the topic of change. I’m also an aspiring author who aims to publish a romance novel and dreams of directing my own Netflix series one day.