Role: Product Designer

I was super excited when I got to work on this project for two reasons:
1) I love fashion, and 2) who doesn't love Topshop?

The vision of this product was inspired by the physical retail experience. I aimed to create a clean and functional app that reduces unnecessary UI, highlights fashion, and makes purchasing simple and straight forward.

One of the biggest challenges was maintaining the Topshop identity while balancing the functional aspects of a retail experience. Presenting items as a list, or overwhelming the payment process with unintuitive forms felt old fashioned. Instead, lists appear as clusters, the payment process is intuitive, inspiring,
and more streamlined with less steps.


A fun way to view profiles, connect with friends, and shop the look.

Wishing lists

Inspirational curated collections that can be shared with your friends.


A simple friendly elegant shopping experience with everything you need and nothing you don't.

Payment methods

A functional, smart and exciting payments experience to complete your purchase.

Design system

Logo, colors, typography & photography.