Role: Lead Product Designer

Eventbrite is an American event management and ticketing product that helps brings people together through live experiences. The product allow users to browse, create events, purchase tickets and promote local events.

While at Eventbrite I was responsible for leading design for one of the most high profile and important product – the event-organizer experiences across desktop and mobile. This required a lot of coordination, collaboration (cross continent), critique, testing, and iteration to ensure the platform was meeting the expectations of event-creators, while remaining performant for the business.

In 2018 Eventbrite became a public company.

Event creation

Creators (that's what we called our members) where able to enter all the information about their events and then publishing their event to the platform.

The team in "hot dog mountain"

One of the things I loved about the design team at Eventbrite was that I got to work with some of the most inspiring and amazing designers across the globe (Mendoza, Spain, Australia and Canada).

I was also fortunate to be a cultural ambassador to the team and an active mentor – teaching young girls from under-represented communities about design and career development.

This is a pic of us celebrating Halloween together. I was Frida, of course!